The first KFLDT 2011 last November was held in British Parliamentary format with 2 people in each team. However, this year, due to requests from last year middle school competitors, this KFLDT 2012 will be hosted through Asian Parliamentary style format.

Each team must have 3 students. Proposition always goes first, and ends with the proposition reply speaker. All constructive speeches will be 6 minutes, with the reply speeches being 4 minutes long. Point of Informations are only allowed after the 1 minute grace period, and no POIs can be offered in the last minute of the speech. No POIs may be offered in the reply speeches.

The format for the debate is simple. Basically, the first speaker from the proposition delivers the proposition case for 6 minutes. Next, the opposition first speaker will speak, where he focuses on slight rebuttals and spends a substantial amount of time developing the opposition case. Then, the proposition second speaker will focus on rebuttals and rebuilding/extending the proposition case. After this, the opposition second speaker will do the same role as the proposition second speaker. Finally, the proposition third speaker will focus on clashes, while the next opposition third speaker does the same. Then, the opposition reply speaker,  and the debate will be concluded by the proposition reply speaker. Reply speeches can be only done by the first or second speaker. Dictionaries and Almanacs are permitted.

Observers and coaches are allowed to watch debates. However, team disqualifications will occur if observers or coaches make any type of signal towards a team. Giving feedback after the round is over is permitted, but coaches or observers should not make any interaction with a team during the round.

I'm sure most of you understand the Asian Parliamentary format well.

If any questions or contentions, email

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