Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EurOpen 2012 National Team Selection Information

Anyone willing to tryout for the 16th EurOpen Korean National Team please check this site and follow the directions. Download the forms and read the letter.

Good Luck!!!

Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/koreadebatelist/message/1240

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2nd KFLDT 2012 Results

First of all, thank you everyone for attending the 2nd KFLDT. We hope you enjoyed our competition and we hope to see some of you again in our 3rd KFLDT! The KFL EurOpen Selection Panel will begin selections for the EurOpen National Team very soon. We will contact all participants for KFLDT 2011 and 2012 once the process begins, with details. It will be a tough, yet rewarding selection process. We hope many try out for the national team, as it will be a great opportunity.

Here are the results for 2nd KFLDT 2012:

Grand Finalist

Power Pwnage (Yoon Lee, Nagyon Kim, Yoonjong Lee)


Logos (Jiwhan Moon, William Suh, Jeong Woo Jin)

Semi Finalists

YHIMS (Lee Jee Woon, Jung Say Hwa, Park Rosa)

Angry Birds (Park Chae Lim, Hyung Woo Kim, Ji Min Kim)

Top Speakers (First ~ Fifth)

1st: Yoon Lee

2nd: Jiwhan Moon

2nd: Yoonjong Lee

4th: Park Rosa

5th: Park Chae Lim

Thank You!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Registration Extension

Luckily, the KFLDT Org Com was able to borrow a larger part of our venue. Therefore, we will be able to accept more teams that the original team cap. Now, we will switch to a first come first serve basis. Any team is free to register!

We will be pushing our registration deadline back to July 11. If we meet our team cap, we will post on our website. However, for now, any team is open to register.

Register for a great experience! :)